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Over a Cup of Tea

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A man serving tea in a village side tea shop in Kerala, India. Many such small tea stalls serves as a place of get together for the people around where they discuss politics, cinema and everything else below the sun that day.

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Descendants of Buddha

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This photograph was taken during the Sikkim Tour in 2016 at a Buddhist Monastery not far from the hustle of the crowded city of Gangtok while the monks were returning after their morning prayer. They exchanged smiles, greeted the tourists who were present there and spent some time for the customary memoir selfies before leaving.

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A Dream in Snow : Manali


It happens often when you leave some place, you leave a part of you behind so much that your mind yearns to go back there. Manali, to me is one such destination with many memories. The memories of seeing the snow for the first time, the little roads, the crowded coffee shops and the little brooks on the way is still vividly etched in memory.  It has happened to me in new cities elsewhere, while sitting in cabs in traffic or in your hotel room,  you feel new to that place, alone. But in Manali, you wont find yourself lost, for its people, alleys and stone paved paths will never leave you deserted.  This photo is from the All India Tour in 2014.