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Descendants of Buddha

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This photograph was taken during the Sikkim Tour in 2016 at a Buddhist Monastery not far from the hustle of the crowded city of Gangtok while the monks were returning after their morning prayer. They exchanged smiles, greeted the tourists who were present there and spent some time for the customary memoir selfies before leaving.

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A Dream in Snow : Manali


It happens often when you leave some place, you leave a part of you behind so much that your mind yearns to go back there. Manali, to me is one such destination with many memories. The memories of seeing the snow for the first time, the little roads, the crowded coffee shops and the little brooks on the way is still vividly etched in memory.  It has happened to me in new cities elsewhere, while sitting in cabs in traffic or in your hotel room,  you feel new to that place, alone. But in Manali, you wont find yourself lost, for its people, alleys and stone paved paths will never leave you deserted.  This photo is from the All India Tour in 2014. 

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September Stories, Maui.


September 2017, Maui, Hawaii. I recently found a globe among the old dump in house, which belonged to my brother and then in succession to me, as it is with most of the things (those which stood the test of time) in an Indian household. As I ran my fingers through its worn out surface I then, for the first time in all these years, noticed a small orange coloured piece of land in the all blue area labelled the North Pacific Ocean. Who would have thought back when we had that globe that we would fly to this bit of land, Maui for a family vacation.  For some strange reason I think, if it was a man, (now with silvery hair, maybe a pipe in between his stained lips) he would have smiled, now that his purpose was complete.
Mauii is a small island among the Hawaiian archipelagoes in the North Pacific Ocean. A blend of warm tropical sunshine, varying humidity, ocean breezes and trade winds, and varying elevations create a variety of microclimates in this small stretch of land. Photos captured and edited in Xiomii Redmii 3s using Snapseed and VSCO Cam.

Watching over the city. San Diego, California, from we started for Maui. The skies were clear giving a view of the greenery, the rocky mountains to the corner and the sea at a distance. But i loved the approaching clouds.


Somewhere above the Pacific, the sun sets in all its splendour as my poor watch with its deranged time sense clocks 9AM, beginning of another day in the part of the world where I am from. On the way to Maui.


Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of me. When there is pain – it is my pain. When there is joy – it is also mine. The earth, the sky, the sea are mine to care for, to cherish and to protect. This is Hawaiian – this is Aloha!


A shop selling Shave Ice, a Hawaiian dessert in Front Street. Front street is a shopping street in Lahaina, the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii till the mid 1800s. The crowded streets sell some of the best fish dishes in Hawaii, the Loa Loa shrimp is one of them.


Oh, how they fly! Ocean Center, Mauii.


The Pacific was blue, the perfect blue I have seen, the same as in my dreams. No filters added.


The Road to Hana is a traveller’s delight, a tourist trail through the Tropical Forests known for tricky hairpins offers you breathtaking views now and then. But as they say, do not hurry, for the drive to Hana is about the journey, not the destination.


Trust me, they have trees of every shade you can imagine. One of many small waterfalls located on the way to Hana.


Light colours them all. Once in a restaurant in Maui, someone picking up our conversation asked me whether I was from India. She wanted to know if I could speak Hindi. I said, I couldn’t to her amusement and it turned out that she had been to India and could speak Hindi enough. You travel to the other part of the world only to know that it is not that big world.


God at Work. Sand Castles. I do not know, for some reason, I find every sunset different.



It is not everytime, when you are ready, packed your bags and about to leave a place you never know you would be back to, it waves a goodbye, unfurls its wings and dances in the sun, the colourful hues of blue, green and muddy brown coming to life. Then sheds a tear, drizzles a little, the seven colours gracing the blue skies. Maui never looked more beautiful in the last seven days.


Maui, Thank you for all the fish. Aloha!