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Over a Cup of Tea

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A man serving tea in a village side tea shop in Kerala, India. Many such small tea stalls serves as a place of get together for the people around where they discuss politics, cinema and everything else below the sun that day.

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Descendants of Buddha

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This photograph was taken during the Sikkim Tour in 2016 at a Buddhist Monastery not far from the hustle of the crowded city of Gangtok while the monks were returning after their morning prayer. They exchanged smiles, greeted the tourists who were present there and spent some time for the customary memoir selfies before leaving.

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Bijibal, The Interview


“Music has way more than just materialistic qualities to it and is at a much higher level. We call it down, to our world of chaos so that we could interact with it.  Music serves a way of self realisation both for the musician and the connoisseur listener. Lyrics, on the other hand is what makes us connect to a song, ties it to some point in our lives and makes us call it our own. People shower praises for the music of Idukki, the song from Maheshinte Prathikaram. Actually it is the other way round, lyric makes it the song of Idukki, it is what that matters.” Bijibal, National Award winning  Indian composer

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Nirvana, is the spiritual goal of Buddhism. My favorite among the last year’s photos, taken during the Sikkim Tour at the Institute of Tibetology in Gangtok. We reached there early in the morning before the morning prayers began, I saw this monk going to the prayer room and was ready to capture the moment. But much later, did I understand the so many levels of undertones the picture contained. I believe in many ways, in spite of all our involvement, it is some form of creative energy that makes art perfect.  Some genius artist working in His own mysterious ways. Here, this was my tryst with Him. Heres to His creativity!